Crown Lengthening*


We can make your "gummy smile" fade away with crown lengthening or gum reshaping surgery to remove excessive tissue for a healthier, gorgeous smile.




Osseous Surgery*


To eliminate infected pockets in the gums and reduce tooth loss, Dr. Brown offers patients the osseous surgery to her patients with gum inflammation.






When you need comfortable fit for your upper and/or lower dentures, Dr. Brown may recommend alveoloplasty, a denture and gum preparation surgery.




Guided Bone Regeneration*


With advanced technology, we can use donor tissue to strengthen your jawbone with a guided bone regeneration, bone augmentation, or bone graft.




Scaling and Root Planing*


A deep periodontal cleaning called scaling and root planing wards off periodontal disease as it removes built up plaque and tartar from gum pockets.