Dental Implants*

 restorative dentistry services in Quakertown Dental Implants

We offer dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth at the root within the jawbone to restore form and function of the bite.




Same-Day Crowns*

 Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Brown can restore a single, custom made crown in the same office visit with a same-day crown manufactured on-site at Upper Bucks Dental Arts.




Dental Crowns*

 Dental Crowns

When you damage a tooth from injury or decay, you have the option of having a dental crown to cover the visible portion and restore the tooth.




Dental Bridges*

 Dental Bridges

There are several options (traditional, cantilever, & Maryland bridges) available at Upper Bucks Dental Arts for patients needing a bridge installed.




Removable Dentures*

 Removable Dentures

We want to keep a smile on your face with removable dentures! When you need to replace all or some of your teeth, we have several options at UBDA.